At the beginning of our story we started to fight
With sticks.
Then with stones because the enemy stays away.
Then came spears, arrows, catapults.
And came the guns, bacamartes, rifles and rifles and rifles.
In the matter of killing others the human being and expert.
It ends with you and the other species.
Hitler is gone, but has left good techniques of mass destruction. The missiles, the H-bomb design, bombers and fighter aircraft and attack.
But America overcomes all this in the name of freedom.
The problem that all nations copy now.
It is an atomic bomb to "hit with wood and stone" to all sides of the planet. "We're roasted."
The bombs evolved so much that now has even family.
The Americans have "The Mother", the Russians have the "Father"
And the children of the bombs must be with an Islamic State or with the Palestinians.
OH! Rebel kid all the time there is one exploding around.

                                             Francisco Gouveia

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