Give away the act of getting rid of guilt and incriminating their accomplices.
This is more or less what I understood from corrupt politicians in Brazil.
They want to get away with their mistakes and still have the money they stole.
In the next election they elect and continue to steal until the next awarding deed.
The corruption is so great that you can not find an honest politician.
Everyone looking for a public position is already going to the intuition to take advantage, or in the popular Portuguese, already go to rob the time and money.
Today in Brazil the most important people are the informers, the traitors and politicians liars.
That is why nothing is done against the increase of urban crime in Brazil.
For those who should restrain what is against the law, are accomplices of those outside the Law.
Believe Brazil is an unowned country, a locomotive off the rails. A people ashamed and disoriented by their leaders.

                                                              Francisco Gouveia.

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