There is also cotton to plant,
But, it also has to reap.
My skin does not burn because it is already burned.
I have no sweat on my face, for I have fallen on the road.
If my eyes are sad, it's because life never gave me anything.
Just a pair of pants, a shirt and a hat.
A hoe, a chain tied to the feet,
A Blues and hope to go to heaven.

               Francisco Gouveia

Life details

I want a lap to lick me.
An arms to hold me.
A mouth to kiss.
A love to make me dream.

A body to love.
I want a bed for bed.
A reason to dream.
I want to live, to learn to live.

Life is fleeting and fits on a page ...
From a diary of illusion.
Fits in the palm of the Creator's hand.
It fits in the womb of those who bore.

Life, I have no dominion over it,
When she wants she can die,
I can not stand in the window watching the time run,
In life the body is just a detail for who
He does not know how to live.

                                                                                                                                       Francisco Gouveia 


Tudo azul, vermelho e branco.
Tudo cinza na autoestrada,
Meus olhos verdes observam as montanhas
Vou para o norte com muita sorte arrumo uma namorada.
O mundo é de cor, o mundo é colorido,
Um dia de céu azul no meio deste mundo,
Sem uma bússola você está perdido.
A razão, o caráter e a compreensão.
Temperados com amor é o que norteará a sua vida.

                                                             Francisco Gouveia

Dear friend

Good Morning! How are you doing?
Who has seen you and who sees you can no longer recognize,
It's so much silicone, so much plastic that you can not recognize it.
If you wanted to become a doll; got!
But beware of getting close to the fire that you can melt.

Who would have thought that Paul, good at fighting and confusion, would one day turn his hand.
  Transforming the body and sex,
To bite the pillowcase under another citizen.
Each one has a taste, but this one gave me disgust,
In seeing my dear friend choose this option.

                              Francisco Gouveia

In addition to everything

Dry, gray earth is the soil of my heart.
With taste of bitterness is the water that kills my thirst.
Delusion is the name of my passion.
Love runs through the shadows like a villain.
My desire succumbs with lightning and thunder.

Guilty of my eyes that saw you,
An unreachable love beyond the bridge,
That crosses the river of happiness.
Everything is impossible, everything is evil.

                                                                                                    Francisco Gouveia


The warm waters of the river that go down to the south,
And who take my thoughts, my desires and torments, make me free.
Free from you free from suffering,
I breathe happiness and joy, and I did not know that from so much love
One could die too.

As the Mississippi runs, my love dies,
Breathing happiness and joy.
Who would have thought that Louisiana would take me too
To a fantasy island.

Francisco Gouveia

Next Blues

Do not try to fool my eyes.
If you already deceive my heart.
Each step misses your
It is a tread on my feelings,
You tear my joy and contentment.

Do not try to fool my eyes.
Covering them with the mask of betrayal,
Neither put handcuffs and chains
In my suffering heart.

                                       Francisco Gouveia


Your tongue is bigger than your body,
  Your body is smaller than His eyes.
With your mouth speak of the world,
In just a second spreads misunderstanding.
To make discord is your profession,
Malevolent disunity.

Levites on ignorance, child reasoning,
Forget tomorrow, what you planted today germinates, grows and bears fruit,
You will reap in your orchard, The evil you live to plant;
I want to see every PLANTED MAL, you enjoy,

                                      Francisco Gouveia

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