There in the field

I was born there in the country.
And everyone in the field likes to dance.
Everyone danced.
But I did not know, when I saw them, I began to cry.
But my father one day said: Put this kid in the ant hill,
That he learns already.

Ai, Ai, Ai as an itchy ant scratch,
Then I started jumping.
My brothers clapped their hands to sing.
- This dancer comes first.
- This dancer comes first.

Back in the fields,
Everyone loves to date,
While my brothers were dating,
I would peek and cry.
I did not know how to date.
Mom said one day: deliver it to Rose,
That he learns already.

Ai, Ai, Ai how good it is to kiss,
Ai, Ai, Ai how good it is to hug.
More Rose told me:
"Do not squeeze me too hard if you will not break me."

I was born there in the countryside,
And in the field everyone likes to work,
I worked hard.
But now that I've learned to date,
I want shade and fresh water,
And Rose to kiss.

Ai, Ai, Ai the weekend has arrived,
Piper plays a waltz,
I want with my love to dance.
I want to dance well, take a lot of kisses,
Till the sun comes up.

                         Francisco Gouveia

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