The feast of worms

At the Worm feast we will be the main course.
There will be no silverware, napkins or glass bowl.
We have come from the dust and from the dust we will return again,
Before we will be carrion the repulsion of the living.

Death is a cell from which we can not escape.
All the microorganisms will devour us,
Each one will choose a piece of anatomy that pleases him,
From above, from the side, from below or from behind.
But surely the language will be on the table,
The carrion was the member that sinned the most.

Down under the earth also goes,
All power, glories, riches and cruel tyranny,
Pride, vanity, and worldly wisdom.
Whoever is embraced by the death of the grave does not go out.
"Only if Jesus comes to get you one day."

All misery, disease and all starvation,
Every woman and every man,
Every life in this world.
They can live for years, but they die in a second.

For all who fought, won or conquered,
Robbed or massacred, it was in vain,
Death does not take anything ... no.

What is of the world, in death your belongings from here do not leave,
So there is no drawer in a coffin,
In death, one does not make the change in a truck.
Against death we are in trouble,
When we die; We can not even carry our own carrion.

                                           Chico Gouveia

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