Big house and the senzala,
In the basement of the great room.
The slaves after the service,
They serve for the boss to pack up.
To lie on the bed of the slaves, to mix the two.
To have more slaves for free.

The story tells a lot, but also a lot of hides,
But the skin of the population denounces, And also announces many slaves were raped to give color to the nation.
Many secrets of the senzala are still chained,
Imprisoned by shame, by the shame of slavery,

Man is born free. Liberty does not even today have this option.
The senzalas are different, different from the basement,
The shackles are invisible and hold more than the arms and hands.
Some gag their mouth and cover their sight.
The secrets of the senzala never end.

Francisco Gouveia (Brazil)

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