How good to talk about someone else's life!
All the defects of the world are of others.
Everything that is bad belongs to you.
Heir of malignity.
Without character, dignity an outcast in society.

But when you look in the mirror and look like the other,
The thing is transformed.
Every cat is the same, until he opens his paw,
Some have nails sharper than others.

It is the language, one more fulfilled than another,
Always judging and speaking what you should not.
But the bad name of the language is the prize for the bad character of the owner.
I know two people who have been suffering for several years because of rumors.
One is the girl who went to a camp and said that,
He got pregnant after having sex with seventeen boys.
One of them took the son and pays his mother's pension,
But the boy looks like another who was in the camp. Eternal dilemma without DNA.
It is rumor for what seems to begin with a truth
That turns into a lie.
The lie of a tongue that does not fit inside the mouth.
And the desire to disparage another.
And my grandmother would say: "You want to take care of the lives of others; Buy a cat he has seven lives ".

                                            Francisco Gouveia

** Dedicated to my neighbor who has a flower name.

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