Brooklin is Brooklin the rest is Manhattan.

I was born of incest they say: what do I do? I take this story to court and play in the basket. I make 2 points and I get discounts on worry
Life is full of good things and bad things. There is bacon, pizza, hamburger and fried eggs in fat and everyone eats.

Damn the balance, bad cholesterol and heart attack. If that's why I die, I want it to be in my room, with a cold beer in my hand.
Good things ... Here it is: The Brooklin! Brooklin and Brooklin. The best people in the world are here. Well ... it's kind of messed up, but it's fixed.

Drugs, addictions here also have, but the White House also has. Go there and complain!
To be patriotic, is not to swing flag with the hand, this is thing of idiot.
To be patriotic is to do, to help, to work within the community,

This is where the country begins, and my country starts at Brooklin, at my house.
I just have to cross a bridge to get my feet in the rest of my country. And run around like the Forest Gamp, but never forget home, but never forget the Brooklin or the family that is a piece of my homeland, my life and my love.

Happiness is a patchwork that sews one rectangle at a time.
When I get sad, my rest is at sunset. It is La that I look for the joy, the happiness of my pains, I take my pieces to form my quilt of happiness. 
Then I start all over again. But I'm back from Brooklin!
I do not want to disparage the neighborhood or the district of anyone, 
New York is a love for all of us.
But Brooklin is my Paradise, you can put whatever defect you want, for me Brooklin is Brooklin the rest is Manhatann.

                                                                         Francisco Gouveia (Brazil)

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