The world is a bomb about to explode.
But there's a bomb exploding everywhere.
And it has a bomb that does not explode, but it's a bomb.
My wife is a bomb.
She also discovered that I am a bomb ...
But only after twenty years of marriage.

Bomb, same bomb is my mother-in-law,
Live by exploding my patience.
My children then ...
My boss, my manager these really are men's pumps.
But do not explode, want and blow up others ...
Mainly me.

Every day has a bomb threat,
It could be in the building I work for, so I stayed at home;
With my family bombs.
Everybody is blowing up somehow.
Bomb on the subway, bomb on the railway station,
Bomb in the department store. School Attacks
Bomb ... Wait a minute, I never heard of a brothel blowing up.
By the way these are the safest places in the world.
So I heard that there was or is not a President who does not leave.
He became so addicted to the thing that his administration
Fock you everyone.
They even throw bombs on the neighbor.

                                          Francisco Gouveia (Brazil)

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